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Non Duality: The one question to all our answers.
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Rambling thoughts from nowhere

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Joined: 23 Mar 2004
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Location: Ojai, California

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2005 8:36 am    Post subject: Rambling thoughts from nowhere Reply with quote

I was taking my somewhat regular walk up my little mountain trail today in the mist as he clouds were hugging the mountains closely giving everything a mysterious air to it and everything smelled so fresh and clean, fragrances of sage and dirt and the sulphery smell of the many springs in the area.

I wandered up the mountain for a while looking at the different vistas and then the rocks all around and this amazing manifestation of oneness and then entered the side canyon where there are 7 springs and cascading water. This area was once very sacred to the native Indians who came to soak in the healing warm springs waters, now abandoned and rife with curses and forbidding energies, it is said protected by fierce ancient spirits who are the cause of a number of mysterious deaths, including two people killed next to where I now sat when they came to repair a broken water pipe from one of the springs during a storm and a huge tree branch fell onto them...... I have made friends with these inner gate keepers and bring them little gifts of acknowlegment....some incense, or sage.....sometimes chocalat...oh yes they like sweets you know.

Thoughts arise.....images.....I feel the cold rock underneath me, the sound of rushing water, a bird's cry, a skidding car in the distance, crickets starting to sing their nightly songs as darkness approaches. There is a richness in all of this and also no meaning as well. It all just arises for no one with no purpose except that which the mind fabricates which is all part of the lovely dream the beloved is having. Nothing the mind thinks has any more meaning than the mosquito trying to penetrate my skin with its needle nose as I sit by the stream. A thought, the tree, the sound of water, all the same. Yes, of course, meanings are given and books are written and attempts are made to capture this that is beyond capturing and also encompasing all that tries to capture it. Totality is all there is. No matter what arises whether it be a vision of a disembodied anceint spirit or a lovely image of a naked frolicing nature fairy, or the grisely memory of the young girl carrying her head as she passes by.....a girl who died here in a horrendous accident.

No thought, no word, no deed, no book describing nondual reality has any meaning really or is of any help. There is no help, nor is any needed. There is nothing to find for it was never lost. And also no purpose to these words now being written and now read by an apparent person called you. We are one, you know. Not you and I because we do not exist. But it is fun to pretend isn't it. To bury the treasure and then forget where we put it. Then we remember it is everywhere and everything.

Or something like that. Well, time for some sleep. But let's not take it too seriously. And if we do that is also fine. There is no wrong answer to this multiple choice quizz. There can be no mistakes and everyone has already passed the test. And it doesn't matter if we know it or not because it cannot be known anyway.
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Joined: 04 Jan 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very Happy

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