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Drop it!

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Joined: 17 Dec 2005
Posts: 21
Location: Sedona, Az. USA

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 3:19 pm    Post subject: Drop it! Reply with quote

The following is a virtual inner dialogue. ("virtual" is used loosley to descrbe this dialogue...that hasn't happened yet...but as much as possible will occcur...just before I enter the following words.) The idea to share. this dialogue...(which hasn't occured yet)...occurred to me after noticing the ongoing alternation between the awareness of thoughts/feelings...and sensory data: e.g.: I notice sitting here in my chair looking out the window...then a thought enters: I should take out the trash. I've been noticing when I remember to insert...and say to myself (after the thought/feeling appears): "Drop it"...the thought/feeling begins to exit the this point, I become more aware (typically) of the scene, e.g....the exper\ience of looking through the window. With the inner saying: "drop it"...I'm not trying to drop or do anything...I'm just saying the words: "drop it" without expectations...or as few as possible. If expectations enter my mind...I respond with a gentle: "drop it". Got it?

So, it's 7:55 am, sitting in a chair, in my living room, in Sedona, Az....just looking out the window...and listening to various sounds: the sounds of my sister-in-law Wendye walking through the kitchen...preparing to feed Jezzibel, her cat...

TF (thought-feeling) I should call my daughter back today: DI (drop it)
(note...whether I actually call her back today is irrelevant)
more light peeking over the clifts to illuminate pine trees in front of the window.

TF Is this process working or I feel more peaceful or not. DI

Trees are brighter outside...hear the sound of the approaching trash truck...then hear the phone ring.

TF: some anxiety enters as I hear the phone ring. DI

Notice the light from the lamp next to me. Hear Wendye's footsteps again.

TF: wondering if I made the right decision to move back to the house again...should I get a real job...some anxiety. DI

Hear the be.ep. beep sound of a distant trash truck. Now notice the sound of the frig in the kitchen, the sound of running water...the crumpling sound of a trash bag. The drone sound of the heater.

TF: Some anxiety as Wendye approuches. DI

So, you get the intent with all of this...I to invite more and more of the experience of awareness into my life...especially, I suppose: external sensory awareness. I use the "Drop it" request to be able to exit the inner TF experience faster then I normally would.

In general, I am definitely more aware of colors, shapes, textures, etc of my external world than I ever was before. In a nutshell: less fog, more light and clarity. That's the reason I am now empasizing the external: appears to lead to more clarity and groundedness...DI

NOTE about the most recent entry. The mind absolutly loves insights...and revelations...but even these may be dropped in exchange for the actual clarity of external sensory experiences...DI!!!!!

Think I will leave this for now...DI more sunlight ourtside...

Each moment presents itself an invitation and opportunity to Awaken!
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