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No One

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:43 pm    Post subject: No One Reply with quote

No One...

Looking I see colours that appear to be 'things'... including 'bits of michael'.

I cannot see who is seeing.

Apart from some thoughts/memories and feelings, and the everchanging 'bits' that come into view for a moment and then disappear, I cannot even find 'michael'.

It appears no one is seeing.
It appears that only seeing sees.

It appears that I am seeing a world 'as if' I am 'michael'... seeing it from his viewpoint or perspective... as he would see it if he was a real person in a real world at a real place and time.

Where 'michael' seems to be there is only emptiness...

An emptiness that contains all worlds all time and all creatures...

Not as a container contains objects, nor even as a body contains cells.

This container is like a head that contains dreams.

Only this container has no shape, no size, no substance... no sensible qualities at all.

It is in no place and no time, for through it alone are these known.

What is seeing?
It is this.

Who is seeing?

No One...

I can never find this 'no one' for the I that seems to search is really the looked upon...

The looking is already here. It is in no need of 'finding' or 'being found'.

Seeing is seeing...

One with consciousness... a word that points to this aliveness, this beingness, this non-being reality... this sensing, knowing and power...


From Source to Source: an Endless Spring
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