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Heart of a poet

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 3:45 pm    Post subject: Heart of a poet Reply with quote



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Post Posted to annaruiz:
Mon Oct 08, 2007 3:09 pm
Post subject: An honest end
Reply with quote

Anna ,

We don't know each other . We may never know each other ever.
Still , I ask you a favour . Write to me a beautiful poem of
farewell / end to something that never was there in a way that it will
never ever be there just as it never ever has been there.
An honest end can be healing .
And promise me that i will never ever again be in even any of the
shadows of your poems or words , just like i never have been .

Thanking you ,


and thanking you



Joined: 14 Nov 2006
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Post Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 3:50 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

To S:

Since there is no time in the experience of timelessness, I have already written this poem to You:



So what of Desire I asked the sun
the moon answered in silence and silver
so what of desire I asked the moon
the stars answered in light and black holes
so what of Desire I asked the Light and its
the earth answered in a greening of all things
so what of Desire I asked the green earth
the ocean answered in waves of infinity
so what of desire I asked the ocean spray


I, who am Nothing wanted Something
I, who am Being wanted Knowledge
I, who am This wanted Love
I, who am Knowing wanted



and desire turned back on itself, inside-out
and hunted and humiliated
and scathed me with
burning flesh and serpent tongues
tongues of death
removed all traces
of humanness
and godness was born

I fell on my knees, hands in every form
of prayer
and begged God
take This away from me
my cup runneth over

I love too much


I was given Wings.


the morning breaks through in birdsong
my windows are open
colours appear in daylight
purple majesty, blue light, tangelo meeting
new and far horizons
I meet the Beloved
a single bell tolls
as if a dirge for one last answer
I lose myself completely
and become the Love Song
I sing
in words written by a Poet
whose heart is broken
whose words are written in melodies
of aching and longing

whose arms are dangling
whose hands are trembling
whose fingers ooze the blood of
having held close a very sharp blade
to the jugular of rhythm and remembrance

of intertwined arms and legs, lips,
breasts and sacred parts of female and male
Divine Sex,

Tantra Drinks Us


i shall throw liberty to the oceans
and drink the poison of despair again
i shall rip this cloth of flesh
i shall be an angel of heaven
ashes on my tongue
and wallow in the bowels of hell
i shall walk in these fires and
in your arms

Beloved, my Darling
shall i ask you to kiss me
awaken me
to this bittersweet yearning

Shall I Desire?



Anna ,

It doesn't sound like a farewell .
it doesn't sound like we don't know each other.
It doesn't sound like we'll ever know each other .
It also doesn't sound like we are separate from each other.
Paradox of paradoxes .
Connected by these words - just these fragile ,
evanescent words the early morning mist ,
like the mother's kitchen smoke .
It sounds more like an endless welcome !

Anna , tell me if I am wrong ,

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