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Non Duality: The one question to all our answers.
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Joined: 03 Oct 2004
Posts: 669

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:50 pm    Post subject: HEY!!!!!...EVERYONE!!!!!.... Reply with quote


All of my posts have been coming to you from The Warwick Hill & Dunn insane asylum for Bi-Polar disorder. Because of my participation on this forum the doctors have deemed me to be cured & are releasing me today. Laughing

There will be no further posts by cimages or from me period! The only thing that can now be accomplished is a re-analysis of the re-analysis of the analysis! Confused

My posts reveal what can only be considered a process of evolution of thought. From that of great lows to that of great highs! If you want to read this up & down topsy turvey experience all the post are there. Embarassed

This last & final epiphany was caused within a discussion titled “Is Love Real”….the attempt at analysis of this concept…..thusly resulting in my post titled…..“CRITICAL ANALYSIS”! Shocked

It appears that nothing further can be said or accomplished! Rolling Eyes

I will be checking in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. Perhaps I may respond…maybe not….don’t know. Question

As much as I love the forum & every ones input & must thank you all I must now depart! Sad

Because……. There are dragons to slay!

Damsels in distress......that needs rescuing!

Princesses to bed! (This is the best part) Wink

Worlds to conquer!

I’ve got some living to do…..I’ve got some BEING to do!

Since this is an illusion…DAMNIT….it’s going to be a God Damn good one!

Because…..The real party is yet to come!

I AM CURED! Laughing


If you want to see what business I’m in & what I do for a living please visit my web-site at

You will see that I’m not really insane at all….this…was only part…of the illusion!

Peace!.....I’m out of here!
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