ThIS wAs nOT wHaT iT apPeARed tO bE.

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Post by michael » Tue Nov 22, 2005 11:32 am

Hi fox, how long is 'ever?

From Source to Source: an Endless Spring
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Post by cimages » Tue Nov 22, 2005 2:27 pm

fox said:

"...This instant one seems to be cimages, and this instant one seems to be michael, and this instant cimages again..."

But this is exactly what I don't understand.

because: There is most of the time only the damn fox

I, as the eternal awareness, have never experienced, not in the slightest, the perspective cimages, or michael, or any other perspectives.

Yes, with the help of the holy sacrament, the mushroom, there were strange experiences of 'other perspectives', but you know...not really the ones, that 'would make sense'

I, as the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, ALL ALONE, have only ever the one perspective.

As if it was an error in the matrix...

What is this error?

(don't say, it's fox. I see that fox is just an image, a perspective. But it seems to be THE ONLY ONE!)

Yeah!....What up with dat Homies!

However....Fox.....Dude!...I think your inquiry was explained approximately 2 to 3 posts up from your inquiry.

It's like....when you take the bottom post & just read that, you're not getting the big picture. It's like Fox....coming in as Fox & not....being.... at the beginning you're not getting the whole picture. Soooooooo! you can't get the whole enchilada because you didn't come in as being big C the moment you came in as Fox now known as little c. So you as little c don't know your self as big C but only you as Big C know yourself as little c.

Read Einsteins Theory of Relativity & it will explain this much better & in simpler detail. Also, if it's still not quite clear work & solve this mathematical problem E=mc2 That 2 stands for squared. I want to see the long hand calculation so no short cuts.

oops! to go....surfs up!

Peace! 8)..Just be Cool!..signed the surfer dude formally known as little c!
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