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Post by michael » Wed Nov 23, 2005 12:35 pm

Imagine a room.

Imagine a photgrapher positioning a camera in the room.

The view of the room from the 'focal point' of the camera is translated into an image. This image provides a 'unique perspective' of the room.

The image is nothing like the room (as the 'room' is 'in itself'). That is, the room is a 'cube', while the image is 'flat' and the walls appear to be different shapes and sizes... not anything like a 'cube'! And yet, the image is regarded as a 'view of the room'. :o

Imagine that the camera is a video camera, taking pictures of the room 'as if seen by a person moving around in it'. To reinforce this impression, imagine the torso, legs, arms and hands of the person filming being captured at the bottom of the image (but no head... for where the head should be, there is only a camera).

This image is a 'perspective' of the room, from the 'focal point' of the camera.

Imagine that as the image changes, the perspective appears to move... though the location of the image does not move... it remains 'on the screen'.

Now imagine that the image is stereoscopic... so it appears to be 3-D. Imagine how 'real' it appears: like a virtual reality simulation.

Imagine how it appears that 'someone is moving around the room'... even though 'you' are just watching changing light patterns on a screen. :shock:

Now imagine that there is no camera... just the 'focal point'.

And that there is no person or room, just the image (including the image of the torso and limbs).

Now imagine that, instead of looking at the image on a screen, the image is created directly in Consciousness (in the 'seeing'), with the room appearing in 3-D from the perspective of the 'focal point'.

Now imagine that within Consciousness, all the colours and odours and tastes and sounds and feelings are formed to give the impression that "this body is my own", that the feelings and thoughts arising are "my feelings and thoughts".

Imagine that there are no clues to say that "this is just an image", so it no longer seems that "I am looking at an image", but that "I am living in the world".

Imagine that even though Consciousness does not move, as the image changes, the perspective appears to change making it appear that "I am moving through the world" (just as it appears when 'riding' an aeroplane simulator, or vehicle simulator... only the illusion is complete for there are no clues - as in a simulator, or a dream - to tell that it is just an image)

Now imagine that the room does not exist as a 'separate thing'.

Instead, imagine that the size and shape and contents of the room are all known in Consciousness and that the image of the room is created solely through the changing colours and other sensations arising within Consciousness moment to moment.

Now imagine that the whole world and all creatures 'exist' only in the knowing and that the senses create within Consciousness 'images' that give the impression of experiencing this world from the perspective of each and every creature in turn.

Imagine that now I seem to be 'michael', and now 'fox', and now 'leo' and now...

Each of these experiences is unique and all happen now... though each is separate, the experiences are neither concurrent nor consecutive. For here there is no time. Time appears only in the play.

The 'world' as it exists in the knowing (both its form and meaning - in the 'abstract') never changes... it is timeless.

(An example of an 'abstract form' is a cube. This object is known to be a 3-D form having six sides of equal dimension... though no such cube can be seen or visualised)

All that appears to change are the momentary impressions (formed by the rising and falling of sensations in Consciousness: colour in the seeing, sounds in the hearing, odours in the smelling, flavours in the tasting and feelings within the faculty that feels).

Even though the patterns of sensation are nothing like the 'abstract forms' that they represent, they are 'regarded as the world' through their association with the knowing of the forms 'in the abstract'.

Enough of imagination.

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Post by michael » Wed Nov 23, 2005 9:08 pm

michael wrote:Enough of imagination.
No need of words or imagination: Consciousness conscious of that which they (words and Imagination) point to.
michael wrote:What foolishness: the thought that "I do not know what he knows".

Greater still: the thought that "I know ‘this’, that he knows not"

How foolish to think that anyone is fooled by these foolish thoughts. :roll:

And yet again: the thought that anyone is thereby fooled... is just a foolish thought.

Enough of foolishness!

All that can ever be known is known.

That which knows from this perspective knows from all perspectives.
Who am I that this post refers to?

The Self that reads these very words here now.

Speaking heart to heart:

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