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Post by aquarius » Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:19 pm

The ocean of consciousness is the source of all matter.
There is no matter.
All physicality around us is the result of a frequency of resonance.
If you amplify the frequency, the structure of matter will change.
This self-contained system is a “super hologram,” and everything within
it is an expression of that hologram.
Since reality is a hologram, every particle is a vision of the whole.
In other words, the entire whole is contained in every particle.
We can’t find one particle, as it is a reflection of ALL particles.
If we change any small component of the hologram,
it is reflected in the whole.

The substance of the Universe is Consciousness.
Fear-based consciousness holds the belief that the substance of the Universe is matter.
If the Universe is matter, then the believer needs possessions and riches.
Remember that all physicality is a frequency.
Fear is a slow, dense vibrational state.
If we hold fear, our consciousness lowers and the frequency of our reality is dense and slow.
Within a holographic reality, what you believe, you create.
Reality is built out of thought.
Every thought is like a spider, spinning a web in the holographic matrix.

The Matrix of a hologram is information.
When you put information into your hologram, you create fractals, unending and
ever-repeating patterns, in your matrix.
These fractals change your matrix.
When a system becomes highly destabilized, there will be random shifts that
suddenly self-organize into higher states of complexity.
At a sub-atomic, quantum level, reality organizes according to the expectations of the observer.
Everything in the Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles, whirling at lightening speed around huge empty spaces.

These particles are not material objects; they are fluctuations of energy and information in a cosmic void of energy and information.
When you change the field that the atoms are in, you change the atoms.
We are made up of these atoms.
Our feelings change the field of our atoms to literally alter our physical reality.

Our BODY is a biological computer.
WE are Consciousness.
Our WORLD is a tiny frequency range within infinite ranges of frequency.
LIFE is a holographic television station.
Our consciousness creates the channel, frequency, of the REALITY we experience.

We can’t imagine a reality that exists without us because...
The act of our observation allows us to create-as-we-go a participatory Universe.
We may never find the edge of the Universe or the smallest particle because...
Everywhere our consciousness explores with the expectation of perceiving
something, there it will be, for we have created it.
We are building the Universe as we go!

Consciousness is the programming language of our holographic Universe.
We are consciousness conductors.
Consciousness comes through us and emanates from us.
Therefore, humanity has the ability to create a new reality.
If we switch OFF our brains and hook our consciousness into the mainstream media of illusion,
we are manipulated in a certain way so that the creation of our reality is not ours—but the reality of someone else.
Therefore, we need to take control of our reality at a quantum level.

The world is just a ride, but we forgot that fact and began to believe that the ride is real.
I love talking about nothing ...
it is the only thing i know anything about.
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Post by ne0 » Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:38 pm

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Post by ANNA » Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:31 am

well writen Unwriten, aqua........

=D> :D

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Post by makara » Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:40 am

Therefore, humanity has the ability to create a new reality.
Lovely idea. Perhaps even true.
Yet it never happens and
when one reads history it is
clear that the only thing
which changes is technology.

In the 1990s, when much of this 'theory' came to
be popularised (e.g. by the likes of Fritof Capra)
what actually happened was a swing towards
conservatism. In every country, except New Zealand,
conservative Govts were elected and far from
a new, invogorated society, what emerged was
greater concentration of wealth and the spread
of the Corporate ideology.

Of course the referent here is this world
as in reality there are no holograms, no atoms,
no matirx...
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