Amongst White Clouds

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Amongst White Clouds

Post by Matt » Sat Sep 25, 2010 10:12 am

This week I saw Amongst White Clouds . Has anyone else seen this beautiful film? Wonderful piece of film-making.
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Post by makara » Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:40 pm

Matt, it sounds wonderful. Hope a dvd turns up out here
and I can see it.

From ... eview.html
After introductory footage, we find Burger at a hermitage, meeting his Master. Scenes of the Master teaching are interspersed with views of the landscape, images of monks chanting, and close-ups of insects eating leaves or being attacked by insect enemies. The Zhongnan Mountains in southwestern Shaanxi Province, centuries ago, were first a refuge for Taoist monks. The parallels drawn in the film between nature and the monk's teachings also reflect a major Taoist point: that humans should live according to nature, not against it. Next, we see the Master planting bean seeds in his vegetable garden. Burger says (in Chinese), "Hey Master, sit for a minute, teach us something." He replies, "Quiescence and action you can't separate. Put your heart into it with one mind and all this is done in no time." He stands up and gestures around him. "All this is practice, it's not just sitting quietly somewhere. All is balanced and tranquil, even work is very calm. Don't give rise to discriminating mind. When you work, just work." The camera shifts to reveal a tall ancient pagoda, sprouting bushy wild plants, rising out of the forest, then moves to a view of the garden and its bean vines, of an owl in the cleft of a tree trunk, of garden stakes and a whisk broom leaning against the wall of the monk's hut.

Burger asks the old man why he lives in the mountains instead of the city. The Master says, "Those who live here have this recluse heart. This Path is strong in them, they are willing to leave those noisy bustling places. They have very little contact with the world, few distractions, they don't leave the mountain, they don't want to see the world. Most of the monks here already understand the practice methods, they don't make mistakes. But you must understand the practice. If you don't, you make mistakes and that's nothing but torture." The monks here are responsible for all of their maintenance (they do not go on alms-begging rounds as monks do in some traditions). They must provide their food and water, build huts, sweep and clean, as well as sit in meditation and study scriptures.
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Re: Amongst White Clouds

Post by aquarius » Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:56 pm

Matt wrote:This week I saw Amongst White Clouds . Has anyone else seen this beautiful film? Wonderful piece of film-making.
No, never heard of it, but now, it's definitely on my xmas list :wink:

Thanks Matt for bringing it into my awareness.

I love all films of an esoteric spiritual nature.
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it is the only thing i know anything about.
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