Remembering Childhood Clarity

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Remembering Childhood Clarity

Post by Xmac » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:09 am

Has anyone else experienced memories of their early days when they connect with some spiritually resonant truth?

This may seem trivial, but at this point in my life I keep remembering this habit I had as a kid: Any time I came across a steamed up window, either in the house or in the car, I always wrote the words, "are you ready?".

This question has a significance for me now, whereas when I wrote it as a kid I was just moving my fingers on the glass to the words that came to me.

I love this because this is not a directive or commandment. It is only a question. No matter how often it comes back to me it is always a friendly interrogative prodding me "home", it seems.

It's as though there was a subtle wisdom long ago eliciting future wisdom if I am open to it.


I've (we've) been out for a long time. How dark should it get? How often can I ignore the call inward (home) before I get my ball and start back?

As great as it is to be away (in the illusion) there comes a point in which we "kids" make our own decision to call it a day. Whether it's because we're tired of the game or hungry for relief, or we just realize we long for the familiar (reality or truth).

I have other childhood points of clarity but I've gone on long enough.
I'd like to hear yours.
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Post by dilaram » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:45 am

I always had these unspoken questions going on: 'is this it?', 'is this really true?, 'what am I doing here?','why am I here and not there?', ...

...all those (dual) questions are 'Nonduality in action'...

Every-thing finally leads to No-thing.
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Post by makara » Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:29 am

Around 9yrs I experienced no-thingness.
It was not a question or easy to understand,
actually it was quite frightening;
it repeated several times.
To put it in words, or rather an image,
would be like:
an engulfing ball of mistiness.
I never told anyone else about it and
all this time later I can still close
my eyes and it remains as lucid
as on day one.
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Post by ANNA » Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:49 am

Something similar to makara.

At 13-14 years, i was in the classroom
at school and we all was listening
the lesson's talking of the teacher.

At one moment spontaneously ‘something’
like a vortex took me,
swirling, swirling many times
and i was seeing the physical body
is not moving from the desk,
but in the same time i was somehow
flying above the classroom and all the students…
Hearing the teacher’s voice very unclear and far away

It was so unusual and so frightening,
i was looking on the faces of my classmates
to check out if they look at what is happening to me….

Of course no one saw or understood ever
anything ….No one was looking at me,
all students was sitting silently listening the teacher….

The whole event took perhaps very short time,
perhaps seconds, but i recall i lost entirely sense
of time…and very confused about space…

Anyway, i have been forgotten about the event itself
but the sense of ‘glimpse’…its never forgoteen….

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Post by Blossom » Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:11 pm


If you would like to more about this Child you have mentioned---I would suggest a book titled "the Child Within us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Metaphyics" By William Samuel

This is a brilliant book written for exactly these times we are in now---when we find the 'subjective non-dual' view but do not know 'what to do with it'

Also, here is new book just out that you will really love:

"Breath of Light" by Lachlen Paul French-- You must read these two books---You will be delighted and amazed as to a confirmation about the discovery, uncovering of this Child you are finding now.

It's quite extraordinary and beautiful that you feel a connection with the Child and that you mention this now---
What is bound on earth is bound in heaven and what is freed on earth is freed in heaven.
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Post by aquarius » Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:16 pm

I was about 7 or 8 years old strolling through some woodland where i played near my home,
when suddenly out of the blue i tried to imagine what it would be like if none of this world was here.
I don't know what prompted these thoughts, but all i remember, is that i was a very deep thinker,
always wanting to know the answer to every question, and always wondering why, why, why,
i think i must have driven my mother crazy.

I deeply wondered to myself, where did all this colourful world come from, and then i tried to imagine what existed before it.

That was the freaky part, trying to imagine nothing at all, the only image that came to me was a totally pitch black blank canvas.

I even used to lie on the brick wall in our garden on an evening, just staring up into the black night sky and marvel at all the twinkling stars.

I always remember feeling totally at peace and at one with the universe.

Then human activity started to scare me, and i grew fearful lost and sad.

Then i woke up again, and i'm now back home thank god....back to being a kid.
I love talking about nothing ...
it is the only thing i know anything about.
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