thE ExPeriEnCe oF ConSCioUsneSS!

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thE ExPeriEnCe oF ConSCioUsneSS!

Post by cimages » Mon Nov 14, 2005 4:47 am

What defines a ‘thing’? Other than a thought of that thing itself!

When my eyes are open there is a sense of an outside (things that are seen) and a inside (things that are ‘thought’ of including feelings). All things perceived as outside are defined by once again a ‘thought’.

When my eyes are closed and I am in complete silence there is no sense of a outside. Myself & all ‘things’ seem to dissolve but then reappear in this vastness without boundaries.

‘Thoughts’ bubble up from which I know not where and creates and defines once again this Universe, this world, but all of this seem to be occurring in this ‘me’.

‘Thoughts’ of ‘things’, ‘situations’ ‘experiences’ simultaneously appear, dissolve, appear and dissolve again as of their own accord with no input from this ‘me’ which appear only as another ‘thought’.

What about good and evil?

When this ‘thought’ dissolves and fades into this vast nothingness what is it? Where has it gone? ‘Thoughts’ ultimately are nothing but creates a sense of an experience in an apparent individual ‘you’!

So what is reality?

The only possible answer to this question is it’s nothing and it only appear as a image or ‘thought’ similarly to the images that appear in you when you close your eyes and you dissolve into nothing. No good or evil, no this or that, no you or me only ‘thoughts’ or images of such that appear and then dissolve back into nothing.

This is consciousness, in that consciousness as defined is aware of that which appears and that which dissolves back into its self. Consciousness is ultimately the only reality, it can’t be seen or touched, but it can be experienced when you close your eyes and all ‘things’ dissolve and then reappear in that vastness without boundaries, Consciousness!

Peace! 8)
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Post by cimages » Tue Nov 15, 2005 4:15 pm

michael wrote:Here's a thought.
cimages wrote:What defines a ‘thing’? Other than a thought of that thing itself!

Any 'person' (including 'me'... every 'me' :D) is a 'thing' - an 'object'.

Whereas 'I' am the ultimate subject... though I cannot say who or what or when or where or why or how I am. Only 'that I am'. And even this 'thatness' is indefinable... except to say it is this very seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and knowing.

Things are seen to be 'composites'. They are seen to be 'composed' of the sensations experienced (eg, the feelings and sounds and colours, etc) related to the 'thing', combined with the 'concept' of 'what the thing is'.

Firstly, when a thought arises: "I see him", the 'him' appears as a separate person. However, all that is seen are colours in certain shapes that are named 'him'. There is no actual 'him', just colours associated with the idea - called 'him'. Or if there is the experience of touching 'him', there is only the feeling (of the touch) that is named 'touching him'. In both cases this 'idea of him' is a very vague notion.

Or when the thought arises "I feel sad", there is a certain feeling that is labelled 'sadness' and the idea that it is 'me that feels sad'. Again, this 'notion of me' is very vague. And again, in the absence of the thought, there is just a fleeting feeling... meaningless.

No eyes to see, no 'thing' to be seen! The sensation of seeing is just another thought that is expressed by consciousness as too is the sensation itself.

This 'thought' of seeing is what applies ‘apparent’ meaning to the thought of the sensation to see.

There really are no colors, only a ‘thought’ of a ‘sensation’ of this or that color with the thought defining a color to be this or that.

There really are no feelings & none to feel, sadness is just a thought that defines the no-thing of ’being’…….sad.

There really are no smells, or odors, nothing to taste, nothing to experience but what defines these no- things is a 'thought' of a 'sensation' to smell, to taste! A 'thought' which is expressed as an experience to taste, to smell!

Thoughts themselves are nothing more then images, or a mirage, like ourselves that bubbles up from the vast deep well of consciousness, lingers for a while & then dissolve back into which they came leaving not a trace.

Peace! 8)
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