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Post by cimages » Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:43 am

Those that meditate...think through concentration & focus...on one thing, they can then experience their true selves.

The idea is to get all thoughts to stop...for a period of time & then....& only then will they experience that, of which no description is adequate. That oneness which is the source & is all things.

It is amazing how up from the no clues as to how to find it's way back home. Bits of truths, in all religious expressions, in Non Duality, in all cultures. Expressions, clues, all saying the same thing in different ways. This is the way back to myself, my true identity.... Amazing.

By accident, not intentional, the mental & thought processes bound & seized up...stopped for just a moment but was like an eternity....All thoughts, ideas, sensations, desires, expressions ceased!... to reveal that which is prior to thoughts...that which is the source of all thoughts.

The only expression that seems adequate is..........Home.

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