In All Seriousness!

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In All Seriousness!

Post by cimages » Tue Dec 06, 2005 4:06 pm

In all seriousness…..Non Duality….represents looking at the drama of life as just that…..drama! Sure there are ups & downs….there is joy & sorrow!

These experiences occur naturally but are happening to no one!

In All Seriousness……By observing this experience as such, is freedom from the shackles that the dual extremes bind you to, by showing that there is no you.

By showing that you can only be that, which what appears as reality….is appearing as!

In All Seriousness….While what appears as ‘some’, may have the direct experience of being totally free of the illusion of duality….what appears as others may not, but they will at least be free of the illusion of themselves directly.

In All Seriousness….I simply look at it as this….to be of consciousness means to me to be self defining! Self defining is determining….intelligence, appearance, abilities!

Self defining is having a choice in choosing what is beautiful! Having a choice to see things this way or that!....Because I can’t do any of these things…then it comes to reason that there is no me in the first place.

Because I am not of consciousness….Consciousness is of me!

Consciousness is of all that ‘I’ think ‘I’ see!

It is consciousness seeing!

Consciousness seeing its…self…in the way that it wants to be seen….to its self!

So any & all posts by me.....are not by me…..In All Seriousness…’I’ simply can’t see it any other way!

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