Deary BeLoved

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Deary BeLoved

Post by adshanti » Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:45 am

Dearly Be Loved,

Please, please listen to this
with the wholeness
of your true Heart:

It is Me who caresses you
with the subtle perfumes of the evening breeze.
It’s Me who invites you
with the laughter of playful children.
It’s Me who seduces you
as the full moon, whispering to you from above.
It’s Me who embraces you
in the smile of you lover, melting your Heart.

I come to you with the gentleness of indescribable Beauty
I hold you within the deepest Silence
I meet you in the Intensity of Living
I guide you every time you’re flowing with Life.

Over and over again I’m touching you
at the Centre of the Centre
in the Heart
Moment by moment
Every moment
always NOW..

Can’t you feel Me, even in these words?

How can I find you,
if you hide
far away
in future fantasies,
or in dead pasts,
in the strategies of your mind.

It’s so simple to meet Me
... just open up and be present..

I am closer to you than
your breath,
even closer then
‘I AM’...

I love you as MySelf
You are Me
I am you.

For millions of years
I prepared this earth and the whole universe.
I created earth, air, fire and water.
But My Desire was not fulfilled.
Being Alive, my reflexion had to be Alive too...
So I entered with My spirit into matter
And biological Life started...


Finally in Man
I could enter My creation from within....!
I could walk on this earth
Enjoy the beauty of My creation.
And this would be only the beginning….

But you separated from Me..
You didn’t wanted to be One, but desired to be many..
I allowed Myself as you, to play with separation
To feel the pain of it.
To feel the longing for Home.

For that I had to withdraw
To the background.

Although you left Me
I never left you
I was always there to heal your pain,
to dry your tears.

I whispered to you
in the sparkling lights of the stars,
in the humid smells of the woods,
in the joyful eyes of your children,
in the barking of a dog in the distant,
the peaceful sleep of newborn babies.

Now your slumber has lasted long enough
Now it’s time for you to realize
It’s Me, only Me, that’s giving you Life.
It’s time to realize you are Me
And always were...

You are not many...
You are all One being
You are the One
everybody, everything
is Me
You are Me.
I am the One

Just leave everything you know behind
Open your Heart
Be here
Loose yourself in Me
Drown in My Beingness
Only This
Only This
Only Me.

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Post by waterspirit » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:52 pm

awesome!! I need to carry this with me so that I can keep reminding myself.

Post by mel » Fri Nov 25, 2005 2:06 am

waterspirit wrote:awesome!! I need to carry this with me so that I can keep reminding myself.
Love only Her, the Spirit, God.

My partner, God, a Female, the Spirit that saves, sends a message....

Sharing is opposed the power structure, Hell.

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Post by fox » Fri Nov 25, 2005 5:57 am

Hello Ad!

This is another MASTERPIECE


Thank you-me-us!
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Post by michael » Fri Nov 25, 2005 8:50 am

The call from Heart to Heart is heard.

Love responding to Love.

This Love is not human love. It forsakes no thing. Not the cold chill of loneliness, nor the wildeyed shooting of a drug addicted thief, not the dirt poor starving in squalid camps, nor...

Life is given to all... a free gift, from self to self.

And yet the very call re-inforces the apparent separation.

To call and be called requires at least the semblance of two.

One of spirit, the other of matter (with a mind and body infused with spirit).

Here there is only...

...Oh, never mind, it doesn't matter :D

From Source to Source: an Endless Spring
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