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Post by cimages » Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:50 pm


All of my posts have been coming to you from The Warwick Hill & Dunn insane asylum for Bi-Polar disorder. Because of my participation on this forum the doctors have deemed me to be cured & are releasing me today. :lol:

There will be no further posts by cimages or from me period! The only thing that can now be accomplished is a re-analysis of the re-analysis of the analysis! :?

My posts reveal what can only be considered a process of evolution of thought. From that of great lows to that of great highs! If you want to read this up & down topsy turvey experience all the post are there. :oops:

This last & final epiphany was caused within a discussion titled “Is Love Real”….the attempt at analysis of this concept…..thusly resulting in my post titled…..“CRITICAL ANALYSIS”! :shock:

It appears that nothing further can be said or accomplished! :roll:

I will be checking in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. Perhaps I may respond…maybe not….don’t know. :?:

As much as I love the forum & every ones input & must thank you all I must now depart! :(

Because……. There are dragons to slay!

Damsels in distress......that needs rescuing!

Princesses to bed! (This is the best part) :wink:

Worlds to conquer!

I’ve got some living to do…..I’ve got some BEING to do!

Since this is an illusion…DAMNIT….it’s going to be a God Damn good one!

Because…..The real party is yet to come!

I AM CURED! :lol:


If you want to see what business I’m in & what I do for a living please visit my web-site at www.creativeimagesunltd.com

You will see that I’m not really insane at all….this…was only part…of the illusion!

Peace!.....I’m out of here!
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