Knowledge is not enough

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Knowledge is not enough

Post by dave sirjue » Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:20 pm

I have a library of over a hundred nonduality books and been seeking since about 1955 off and on and I still dont get it!
Knowledge is not enough, to rely on, it is dangerous. Knowledge is borrowed, it is not Knowing. Knowing grows with you, Knowing is a growth, an evolution, Knowledge is implanted within you from me outside, Knowledge is borrowed, it is counterfeit. It looks like Knowing, it is not. It deceives, it gives you a feeling that you Know when you don't.

The first thing to be aware of is Knowledge, the Tradition, the Scripture, that which has been handed over to you by others. Those eyes are not yours, that light is not yours, and it is better to remain ignorant than to become Knowledgeable, because at least ignorance is yours. Atleast it is authentic, at least it is true, at least it belongs to you

Out of the truth of ignorance, Knowing can grow, but out of the falsity of Knowledge, you will be lost. Nothing can grow out of it. Knowledge is an accumulation of dead facts and information. It has no life in it. It is very easy to borrow Knowledge. That's what the schools, the colleges, the universities, are doing. They go on transferring information from one generation to another. They are the via media. And people who collect Knowledge from them start feeling that they Know. But how can you Know if you have not Known it?

I can talk about love to you, you can listen to me, you can even agree with me, but your agreement is not the point. I may be logical and clever enough to persuade you to agree with me but that will not give you any taste of love. To know love, you will have to fall in love. To know love, you will have to travel the path of love. To know love, you will have to take the dangerous journey.

Knowledge is more of a certainty; Knowing is more uncertain. That's why people choose Knowledge. Knowledge is more guaranteed, it has authority, centuries are standing behind it. That's why every religion tries to prove that it is the oldest religion in the world. Why? Because the older a religion is, the greater the authority it has. Hindus say that the Vedas are the oldest scriptures in the world, Bibles and Korans are just very late arrivals. The Vedas are very, very old. Why so much insistence? Because the older a scripture is, the longer it has stood the test of time, the greater the authority it has gathered around it. Millions of seers are witnesses to it.

Truth has nothing to do with authority, truth has nothing to do with tradition, truth has nothing to do with the past, truth is a radical, personal realisation. You have to come to it. Knowledge is certain, the search for personal Knowing is very, very hazardous. Nobody can guarantee it. Danger will be there, sacrifice will be there, you will be moving every day into the unknown, into the uncharted, and there will be no map to follow, no guide to follow. Yes, there are millions of dangers and you can go astray and you can get lost, but that is the only way one grows. Insecurity is the only way to grow, to face danger is the only way to grow, to accept the challenge of the unknown is the only way to grow.

Knowledge guarantees everything. There will be no danger if you follow the Veda, if you follow the Bible, then you need not worry. Now it is Christ who has to worry about it, and he Knows. You have simply to imitate him. And the seers of the Vedas know and Mohammed knows, so there is no need for you to make your own private effort. It has already been known, you simply Believe. All that is required from you by ordinary religions is Belief. But Belief is counterfeit, borrowed.

You have to grow and you have to take the risk. In the open sky of the Truth one searches, with trial and error; many times going astray, and again and again coming back to the right path. That's the only way.

Truth is not cheap, Belief is very cheap. Truth is very costly, you will have to pay with your life. Truth requires total sacrifice, nothing less will do.
If you are Believing scriptures, tradition of others, it is irrelevant if they are wrong or right, that is not the point. They may be right, they may be wrong, but that is not the point to be considered at all. Through them growth is not possible. Those who have written them were grown-up people, mature. They have asserted something that they have known, but for them that was KNOWING, for you it will be Knowledge.

Belief is communal, knowledge is also communal, Knowing is personal, Trust is personal. You have to relate to God or to truth directly, immediately. You have to come to truth. And it is going to be arduous because each step will require tremendous changes in you. You cannot go to truth as you are, you will have to drop many things and the first thing, is to drop borrowed Knowledge.

If you ask Christians what is to be dropped first, they will say SIN. But they have forgotten what the Original Sin was. The Original Sin was that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. They ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, that became the Fall of Man. That is the real Sin, the Original Sin. Sin has nothing to do with your acts, moral, immoral. Sin has something to do with Knowledge. That Great Parable is so clear but still Christian Theologians have misinterpreted it for centuries.

So the Original Sin is to become Knowledgeable, to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Then what will be surrender? Then what will be virtue? Virtue will be surrendering the Knowledge, vomiting the Knowledge, cleaning your head completely, throwing all Knowledge out. The apple that Adam swallowed is sticking in everyone's throat until this day. And, of course, for Adam, Knowledge was just a beginning. We have accumulated more than Adam because for centuries and centuries we have been eating from the same tree. We have completely lost the space, the inner purity, the inner Innocence that comes when one throws, renounces, one's Knowledge. Renounce your Knowledge.

In the Bible there is another beautiful Parable, the parable of the Three Wise Men. Jesus is born in a stable in the poorest of poor situations. Then Three Wise Men from the East go seeking and searching for him because according to their Astrological analysis they have come to feel that something of the Beyond was entering into time. They are very Wise Men,, so learned that Kings of many countries consult them and touch their feet. But still they go in search of this small child to touch his feet. Their learning is nothing compared to the Innocence of this small child, just born.

This child has not yet eaten the Fobidden Fruit of Knowledge and this child is such that he is not going to eat the Fruit of Knowledge. He is going to insist on remaining pure of Knowledge, he is not going to pollute his being, contaminate his being. Something from the Beyond, something of the Divine has entered into the world of time.

Once you drop Knowledge you attain to clarity. Look at small children, let that be your ideal and become a child again. Only children have eyes to see. Our eyes are too full of ideas. And Jesus says, Uless You become as these Little Children, You will not enter into My Kingdom of My God. We go on collecting Knowledge, opinions, but deep down we remain the same, nothing changes. We just go on painting our personality on the surface.

Everything that we go on doing on the surface will be just like changing a name. Inside you will remain the same. Your Persona can never become more than skin deep, your Knowledge, your identity in the world is nothing but a Persona, a dressing. Go deep, go beyond your Knowledge, go beyond your name and your form, go beyond that identity that the society has given to you. Look into your original face, the face that you had before you were born. Now you have a false face, it has been given to you by the society, it is just a formality. And if you think it is yours, you are in a very bad shape.

Somebody is a Christian, somebody is a Hindu, somebody is a Mohammedan, somebody is a Buddhist, all these are just superficial things, accidents of birth. You are not a Christian, because Christ has not touched your heart yet. You are a Christian because you were born in a Christian home. You are a Buddhist because it was just an accident of birth, co-incidence. It happened that your father and mother were Buddhist, hence you are a Buddhist. But Buddha has not yet happened to you yet.

Remember, this is very cheap. Drop Christianity, drop Islam, drop Buddhism, drop that which has been given to you by the society, by birth, by association, by culture, by country. Drop all that so that you can and find out who you really are. These things will be taken away by death, death will burn your Persona. And then you will come face to face with your Being and you will not even be able to recognise it, because you never knew that this was your face. We live very superficial lives.
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Post by cimages » Wed Nov 16, 2005 3:50 am

How is it that one comes to ‘know’ this ‘truth’ that is expressed here as being thee ‘truth’ that is different from others that claim to posses a particular ‘truth’?

What exactly is it that will be known once the state of knowing is achieved?

Who is it that determines that one has reached a state of knowing if that which is known or the conclusions are different from someone that claims to know?

These thoughts & ideas on this subject, where are they coming from? Trace them backwards & see if you can locate their source.

The desire to know, where is this desire coming from? If this desire to know or to seek is producing a frustrating experience & you are the thinker of your thoughts, the generator of your desires then why not counsel on just choosing not to have the desire to know, to seek, & it’s no longer an issue.

Of course this is not a choice that can be made, this is truth. This is a truth that can be easily put to a test, if there is desire for any particular thing then choose at this moment for it to go away, right now & never return. Choose, right now, to have a desire to find a cure for cancer & aids, something that will benefit humanity. Choose for these thoughts on this subject to go away right now & also never return.

This is truth, you can’t! Because your thoughts & desires are not generated by you, but these thoughts & ideas define who you are. You can claim them as your thoughts but they are obviously something that you have no control of & if you have no control how can they be claimed as yours.

You have no control of them because you are not of consciousness, consciousness is of you. Being of consciousness just means that you are self defining, you have choice in all matters pertaining to you. Your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas, your intelligence level, your desires, your physical attributes & abilities. All of these things are defined by consciousness & so is this you that you think you are. …consciousness is of you.

These thoughts & ideas bubble up from the depths of consciousness & then dissolve again without a trace, so too is the idea of this you, just another thought in consciousness that appears, lingers for a while, then disappears without a trace. You are not this consciousness, this consciousness is you.

Therefore there is no you! Only......... 'This'............ Consciousness!

There is nothing that can be done to achieve knowing, either there is knowing or there’s not.

From another perspective, There is no one…….. to achieve knowing………… nothing to be known.

All is as equally true as untrue.

Peace! 8)
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