Awakening wrote: "Until?"

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Awakening wrote: "Until?"

Post by Alex » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:38 pm

Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:36 am Post subject: Until?

"Dear Friends.

We are closed for the winter.

If there is demand
-and a refreshed spirit of interest-
let me know and it might be opened again for the new year.

Best wishes to all."

Beautiful 'idea', dear Lion-Heart...
nothing is more 'gezellig' than a silent winter,
as long as 'you'll come roaring back by mid-March! :D


March roars in, a lion fierce
The wind so cold it seems to pierce.
The month rolls on...Spring draws near;
March goes out, a lamb so dear.* :-D


And another:

The March wind roars, a lion in the sky,
And makes us shiver as he passes by.

When winds are soft, and days are clear,
like a gentle lamb... spring is here.


"In like a lion, out like a lamb"

This phrase has its origins with the constellations Leo, the Lion,
and Aries, the ram or lamb.
It has to do with the relative positions of these constellations in the sky
at the beginning and end of the month.

:arrow: In like a lion...

For 'makara':

"In Like A Lion (Always Winter)" (Reliant k)

It's always nice to look out the window
And see those first few flakes of snow
And later on we can go outside
And create the impression of an angel that fell from the sky

When February rolls around I'll roll my eyes
Turn a cold shoulder to these even colder skies
And by the fire my heart it heaves a sigh
For the green grass waiting on the other side

It's always winter but never Christmas
It seems this curse just can't be lifted
Yet in the midst of all this ice and snow
Our hearts stay warm cause they're filled with hope

It'd be so nice to look out the window
And see the leaves on the trees begin to show
The birds would congregate and sing
A song of birth a song of newer things

The wind would calm and the sun would shine
I'd go outside and I'd squint my eyes
But for now I will simply just withdraw
Sit here and wish for this world to thaw

And everything it changed overnight
This dying world you brought it back to life
And deep inside I felt things
Shifting everything was melting
Away oh away
And you gave us the most beautiful of days

Cause when it's always winter but never Christmas
Sometimes it feels like you're not with us
But deep inside our hearts we know
That you are here and we will not lose hope.

Have a Wonder Full Winter, every'One'. :-D


*L. Hill Slightly modified
Being beneath the bottom line
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