A Mouse Story

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A Mouse Story

Post by annaruiz » Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:13 pm

A Mouse Tale

Once upon a time
in a little country church near a
very very old cemetery,
a city mouse named Eduard
came to visit his cousins, Max & Sheila,

It was nightfall upon his arriving,
and stars were shining
crisp and cold on his little
brown head
he held his long thick tail
close to him and readjusted
his halo,

they chattered away
the rest of a long long evening
as cousins usually do, speaking of
things they got away with and things
they got caught with, as all little
mice do,

the sound of micely giggles
echoed through the old grey stone
country house of God,

and the dawn breaks, no earlier,
no later than it usually does,
on a Christmas morning
in the company of all God's creatures,
great and small.

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